Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Tony Starks underground

The El-P/Ghostface collaboration can now be heard on the Def-Jux website as played on the Hot 97 DJ Green Lantern show, appropriate for the latest from the Ironman. The song, Hideyaface, is the first single from the forthcoming Prefuse 73 album and the A-side has his mix, which you can listen to a sample of here. The Def-Jux version is El-Producto's B-side beat.

Rumor has it Herren (Prefuse 73) supplied his beat without the benefit of hearing either Ghostface or El-P's rhymes, which might explain why it sounds so ill-fitting. Both beats are typical of their authors, and El-P's is characteristically chunky with lots of ambient noise, but the harder hitting rock-funk bed sounds better on these vocals at first listen. The album itself comes out later this month, so I guess I'll see then. It's also got appearances from GZA, Aesop Rock, Beans, Camu, and The Books, which makes sense in an odd way at least on paper.

I'm actually more hyped about persistent rumors of a collaboration between Starks and the armor-clad supervillain, MF Doom. Added to that are stories that Doom will appear on the new Gorillaz album, with Dangermouse replacing Automator in the booth. I can't figure out if this means Del is going to return or not.


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